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Pianist Dinh Phuc & The Band

The moment you walk in this venue, you will find yourself step in the world of Jazz! The resident band plays five nights a week and features guest musicians and dancers in special events. The drink menu is inspired by Jazz genres, in which each cocktail is a mix of perennial favorites with modern twists. From the quality of the performers and elegant interiors down to the crafted signature cocktails on the menu, Cool Cats Jazz Club is the ideal place to be for any Jazz lovers. Reserve yourself a spot and enjoy the performances from yester-year!
Nguyễn Đình Phúc - Pianist

Nguyen Dinh Phuc - Pianist

Cool Cats is an unique venue in terms of interior, the stage and the people. It has such a warm and exciting atmosphere with an intriguing vibe on stage! Every night, the band and audience really bring out great emotions in me.
Thuy Bui - Vocal

Thuy Bui - Vocal

The atmosphere of a performing venue is the first thing that inspires the artists. Different from all Jazz stages in Hanoi, Cool Cats has all the elements to make up a good performing night, from the bar, drinks, staff associates, to the grand piano, contrabass and drumset.

Saxophonist: An

I appreciate to be guided by my family to pursuit a journey of becoming a music artist very soon, since I was only a child. Cool Cats Jazz Club not only gave me great opportunities to perform Jazz, but also let me live with my passion of music.

Guitarist: Thy San

For me, Cool Cats Jazz Club is a place where I can express my love of music through emotional nights.”