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The emotional space of Jazz!

Back in the 1920s, any respectable Jazz musician was called a "cat". Cats and jazz musicians more or less share the same demeanor - the way they walk, talk, play or improvise. 
Come and join us for nightly live performance with the Cool Cats and immerse in the most glamorous Jazz clubs in town!

Jazz in Hanoi has its own discerning audience, the kind of devotion that goes beyond pop culture. Ever since its launch in 2017, Cool Cats Jazz Club has kept one consistent in-house band playing nightly with Mr. Phuc at the helm as band leader.

As a high-class rendezvous for Jazz lovers in Hanoi, what makes Cool Cats Jazz Club's name is the combination of a luxurious space designed with attention to detail, the dynamic harmony of the in-house band, captivating cocktail creations and most of all the love for Jazz shared among all the team of Cool Cats!

Why don't you come and meet the souls of Cool Cats's Jazz band with your own eyes and ears. We promise you, the love for Jazz is a contagious one.